The blog presents results of a research based on team work and exchanges among members of the project in France and Germany, involving associated partners and further colleagues. On this blog, you will find posts written by following authors:

  • Roxane Scavo, Ingénieure d’Etudes, Sociologist, CNRS PASSAGES, roxane.scavo [at] cnrs.
  • Luise Klaus, Researcher, Geographer, University of Frankfurt klaus
  • Elora Fahlke, PhD Student, Sociologist, University of Dijon, elora.fahlke [at]
  • Cécilia Comelli, Former Postdoc, Geographer, CNRS PASSAGES, cecilia.comelli [at]
  • Mélina Germes, CNRS Researcher, Geographer, CNRS PASSAGES & Project coordination, melina.germes [at], more infos.

Other co-authors of texts published in journals, books and websites are always identified in each blogpcost.